Sumptuous Greyge Minimalism

Architects Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish's work for this 106sm apartment is absolute sumptuous simplicity... and a testament to how simple does not necessarily mean "characterless". The proof is always in the pudding and this apartment is a display of art.

From the crown molding to the stunning windows and decor, this is a scene from a modern fairy tale. The lavish interiors bring a sense of calmness and freedom–tall ceilings and arched doors adorn the space and allow the green marble fireplace to take its well-deserved focal point.

In all Minimalist enthusiasm, I believe the wall color to be essential to the feel of this space. It's subtle and quiet, while still retaining so much personality–bringing all the other elements to life in this story where each decorative accent and that one-of-a-kind kitchen counter wouldn’t be the same in its absence.

Emil Dervish